The Other Sister

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Published by: Sourcebooks Landmark
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Pages: 400
ISBN13: 978-1492633549



The Other Sister is the story of Ali and Morgan, twins who share a strangely intertwined existence until their lives are torn apart by a violent crime, and a haunting mystery. Long after the crime is committed Ali moves into a new house, where she discovers the perpetrator’s clothes neatly packed in a suitcase hidden in the attic. The answer to the chilling question of when, and how, that suitcase got into that particular attic reveals the unexpected ways in which the people who know us best can destroy us… and sometimes save us.

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“Dixon’s latest, following The Language of Secrets and The Book of Someday, is the story of twins who struggle with passionately loving and hating each other. Ali is the perfect child: popular, beautiful, and loved best by her parents. Morgan is the other sister, the plain, scrawny twin who has always lived in Ali’s shadow. When Ali gets engaged to Matt, a man Morgan met first, she invites a tremendous change to the twins’ shared life that threatens to irrevocably alter them and their relationship. Ali’s the first to leave their family home in Rhode Island for California, and this leads to tragedies, is understandings, and shocking secrets that devastate the idealized lives the twins have always sought. Dixon explores the darkest moments of humanity and the frightening power that people are often given to destroy, or save, those whom they love. Through acute imagery and with beautifully deep insight, Dixon unveils the complex rawness of human beings and demonstrates how even the ugliest incidents and secrets can still lead to joy.”
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“Could not put it down.” “Absolutely exceptional.” “Engaging from start to finish.”
— Goodreads

“Fast paced. Dixon knows how to keep readers coming back.”
— RT On-Line Book Review

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